LANSTORM is the young and promising company engaged in the supply, design and implementation of projects on equipment control centers, situation and monitoring centers (from the supply of specialized operators workplaces to the automation process and enterprise IT solutions).

Our company is a team of experienced, active, highly skilled professionals who are fans of the business and the real innovators in the field of technological process. We offer the fresh ideas, best solutions and high quality products. The accumulated experience of the company's employees, their professional approach, successful cooperation with leading companies, allows us to derive the organization of a process control rooms, monitoring and situation centers to a new level. Cooperation with the clients, understanding of their needs and ability to examine the specific of the company allows us to find the most optimal and effective solutions.

Over the relatively short period of time LANSTORM has already established itself as a reliable supplier of computer and digital technology. This allowed the company to build a strong relationship with the world's leading manufacturers of computer hardware and accessories, as well as to acquire a solid base of loyal customers.




The space control center of the COP Harvuta designed and created by specialists of Lanstorm, implemented on the basis of equipment known British manufacturer of solutions for CDP LundHalsey. The equipment for many years and all over the world, has established itself as a highly convenient and reliable in the industry for these tasks. Complete customer satisfaction results of joint work with our company demonstrates the correctness of the chosen solutions.

Modernization of the control room of the COP Moscow OAO "Gazprom" has become so pitch that moved the level of monitoring control system to a new level. The project, executed from beginning to end by Lanstorm can serve as a standard workflow manager and duty shift as a whole.

Lanstorm company has designed and implemented a solution build dispatcher places KS Moscow for a subsidiary of OAO "Gazprom". The features of this project is a comprehensive approach to the construction of the topology defined by the rigid framework set by the customer, in terms of ergonomics, space limitations and conditions (Surgut)

Lanstorm company was fully implemented the project of reorganization of dispatch centers at the site of JSC "Gazprom" CN Elshanskaya. The result of this task was, according to representatives of the Customer, multiple increase resilience processes at the facility, reducing staff costs related to non-optimal up to this point the organization of the working process.